Tap It Up

Did you know?

  1. Tap water is 150-1000x cheaper than bottled water?
  2. The production of bottled water costs 2000x more energy than tap water?
  3. Tap water is more strictly controlled than bottled water?

That's why we:

1. Raise awareness

We shared information about drinking tap water, and the enivronmental impact of bottled water on social media and on live events.

2. Distribute bottles

We organised Tap It Up pop-ups, where we gave away reusable bottles from eco-friendly manufacturers to students, so they directly improved their water consumption.

Unfortunately all the pop-ups have ended, but if you are a new student at KU Leuven you can still get a free bottle! All first-years will receive a flyer in the goodie bag that is handed out when enrolling at the University Hall. With this flyer you can pick up your free bottle at the Green Office during opening hours (these can be found on our Facebook page), at our pop-up at the student welcome on the 3th of October or at our Kick-Off Event on the 4th of October.

3. Install water fountains

Together with the university, we installed 3 easy-to-use water fountains at popular student places: aula Pieter De Somer, campus Gasthuisberg and campus Arenberg 3. Next semester, we will install even more water fountains!


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