Student Repair Hub

Repair Hub

The Repair Hub is a place where you can fix your broken things yourself. Do you need tools, new ideas or just a place to work?
Just come around during our opening hours:

Monday: 5pm - 8pm
Thursday: 5pm - 8pm
We are closed during holidays and exam periods

Minderbroedersstraat 50
3000 Leuven

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SpullenBib / Library of Things

Do you want to repair something and need a tool?
You don't need to buy it just rent it for free at the SpullenBib. Reserve your tools / Reserveer jouw gereedschappen. You can rent our tools for one week. For more information see our Terms & Condition / Algemene Voorwaarden. Pick it up during our opening hours or on request.


Want to improve your handicraft skills, learn new techniques and meet new people? Check out our Workshops and don’t forget to register soon.


Question? Idea?
Let us know!

Zwartzustersstraat 2,
3000 Leuven

Opening hours
Mon 15 - 17.30
Tue 10 -12
Wed 15 - 18
Thu & Fri only by appointment
Closed on Saturday, Sunday and on Holidays
Closed during study and exam periods