E-waste Project

The E-waste team of the Green Office wants to address the problem of scarcity of metals that are used in electronics. Who does not have an old mobile phone, laptop or printer lying idly in a drawer or in the attic? All that so-called "e-waste" is loaded with rare metals such as gold, silver, copper and palladium. The metals needed to produce electronic devices are currently being massively mined in the South, with devastating ecological and social consequences. However, it can also be different. The metals present in electronic waste could be recovered for 95% by recycling and "Urban Mining". Unfortunately, currently only 1-2% of all mobile phones worldwide are being recycled and we want to do something about this with our E-waste team!

Since we are still planning our events for this year, this overview might change slightly, and new events may be added:

Charger exchange

Do you use another type of charger for your new phone?
Are you stuck with all those old chargers that no longer fit and that you no longer use?
Or do you have multiple chargers of the same type and you don’t know why?

Come and have a look at our exchange box! You might just find the charger you need right there! You can get another one in exchange for a USB-C, USB mini or iPhone charger. Even if you don’t need anything you can help by just donating the chargers you don’t use anymore! You can also exchange a charger for one of our 'tap it up' bottles!
Check out the charger exchange at the Green Office during the opening hours!
(Opening hours and location can be found at http://greenofficeforkuleuven.be/#contact)

PS. Since this project is still in start-up we are currently looking for people who just want to donate their extra chargers. That way a start-up stock of different chargers can be made.

PSS. Your unused chargers can still be useful to others but if too many chargers end up at the Green Office they can be picked up by a recycling company as a concentrated stream. Either way, this results in less e-waste that ends up in household trash!

E-waste collection weeks
We are planning a smartphone collection event supported by Recupel during the 2nd semester this year. From 11 to 24 March, collection boxes will be placed in the KU Leuven libraries and some KU Leuven buildings. So make sure to keep your old phones until then! During these two weeks several e-waste related events will be organized. Follow us on social media and look around to find our posters. Make sure you don’t miss it!

More information coming soon!

For questions about the e-waste project team you can always contact us through greenoffice or by sending an email to benoit.bergen@student.kuleuven.be

Your E-waste team,
Benoit, Bieke, Eva, Jasper en Pieter!


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